Switching off from work over Christmas
20 Dec 2021

Business owners have a terrible habit of longing for some time off from the office, but then spending their holidays doing some form of work.

Switching off properly is a really important bit of self-care. It is good for our mental wellbeing and it gives us time to connect with loved ones and time to do the things we enjoy.

If part of your work worries are staffing issues, make it one of your final jobs this week to drop us a call on 01743 296320 or email with what you need.

Whether you need temps or permanent staff, Simply Interview or our group, DMOS, are here to help! We can work on a solution ready for the post Christmas break.


Prep the tech

Set an out of office auto message before you check out of work, and turn off push notifications on your phone. If you don’t see the emails coming in, you will be less tempted to check them and more able to relax.

If not looking at your inbox while you’re off is unrealistic, set yourself boundaries. Make fixed times for checking in on work emails, so you can relax the rest of the time.

And make sure your alarm clock is off!


To do lists

Don’t make an unrealistic to do list before your Christmas break. Make sure it is achievable to avoid that horrible feeling of having outstanding things that need doing. It will just hang over you all Christmas.

From your list, focus on the ones that need doing now, and move the rest on to a list to tackle as soon as you are back.


Make some time for YOU

What do you always want more time to do, but usually can’t when you’re running a business?

Whether it’s staying in your pyjamas all day, going for a run, or spending quality time with the kids - make that your priority, so the opportunity doesn’t pass you by.

You might not know how to slow down, so take walks, listen to music, read and relax until you feel more unwound and in the holiday mood. 

It doesn’t have to be a perfect Christmas or a busy one - re-charging your batteries should be top of the agenda away from the pressures of work.


Getting back to work

If you look after your mental and physical wellbeing over the Christmas break, you will be raring to go when it is time to return.

Perhaps make some nice plans during January as well, so it doesn’t have to feel too gloomy heading back to work and away from the festive fun.


However you spend your Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful time!

Merry Christmas all!